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In 2016, the Nigerian telecommunication industry regulator, NCC, directed all mobile telecommunication operators to implement the do-not-disturb service on their networks. It is a service that allows mobile telephone subscribers opt out of receiving unsolicited SMS and promotional voice calls. This service took effect on 1st July of that year, and it has helped curbed the menace of unsolicited advertising and promotional messages and voice calls that disturbed many Nigerian telephone subscribers for years.

The most noticeable effect of this service on a subscriber's phone line is that the line will no longer receive genuine and important bulk SMS notifications for business, social, political and religious activities. However, majority of the phone users who are currently subscribed to DND services are not aware of its activation on their phone lines. Simply put, they never asked for it.

We have put together below vital codes to help you manage your DND status across all GSM networks in Nigeria.

To check your DND status, send STATUS to 2442 by SMS.

To deactivate DND on your line, send ALLOW to 2442 by SMS.

To activate DND on your line, send STOP to 2442 by SMS.

These codes work across all GSM networks in Nigeria.