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 Send world class bulk SMS and voice SMS to millions of recipients with guaranteed delivery to all GSM/CDMA networks in Nigeria. Also connect more than 700 networks in over 200 countries across the world.

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Instant Delivery
Global Coverage
Premium Routes for Transactional Traffic
DND Delivery (All Nigerian Networks)

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Product Marketing

The Bulks SMS App Nigeria gateway helps you reach millions of target customers with your product/service offering to increase your visibility and save on costs. Our platform woks perfectly with excellent customer service

Election Campaign

Make your campaign personal and engage the electorate. You can leverage on our verified GSM number database to target geographic and demographic clusters of people. Swing popular support in your favour with Bulk SMS App Nigeria.

Church Outreach

Mobilize thousands of church members and new converts for services, programs, meetings, outreaches and crusades. Bulk SMS App Nigeria is perfect for alert and reminder messages. Take advantage of its cost effectiveness and ease of use.

Event Publicity

With Bulk SMS App Nigeria, your event publicity, employee/group member communications, emergency notifications, reminders are delivered with just one click. It's a world of endless possibilities as we offer you our gateway to the world.

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About Us

Bulk SMS App is Nigeria's mobile messaging gateway to the world with free units on sign up and instant delivery of your SMS.  We believe a bulk SMS service should be easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to customize. That is why we make launching a custom Bulk SMS campaign fun, inexpensive, and fast. With Bulk SMS App, your publicity and marketing team can send bulk SMS campaigns at a low cost and no hassle.

Messaging through Bulk SMS App improves delivery rate from 22% to well over 95%, compared to direct email, social media, radio and TV. And over 95% of SMS received are opened within the hour of reception. For your marketing/election campaigns, group/church mobilizations and sales notifications, optimum ROI is guaranteed.

Bulk SMS App brings this profound edge to you. Come on board and ride with us!

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